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Sylvac Stock List

Deco Collectables, Belfast , Northern Ireland
Mobile: 07702 347878,
deco@blackcat26.plus.com www.decocollectables.co.uk

Sylvac Chimp. #99. 4 inches high. Perfect condition. 49.

Sylvac duck. #1492.

Sylvac duck. #1499. 4.25 inches high. Perfect condition. 75

5 Inches high. Perfect condition. 89.

Sylvac blue rabbit. #990. 5 inches high. Perfect condition. 85.

All our Sylvac is guaranteed genuine -
you can buy with confidence from us!

Sylvac Polar Bear - beige. #1372. 2.75 inches high. Very good condition. 55.

Sylvac tiny dogs - beige and green. #1400. 1.5 inches high. Beige - condition very good, 26. Green - hairline running across the base, but no damage to the dog, 22.